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Testing this forum with a simulation of question / answer

Testing 123 123

This is some bold text with some italic text and a list

  • item one
  • item two

Here is a reply with a link to Google

Posting another reply which I would like to mark as the correct answer locking this thread if this is possible.

Don't see anyway to mark a reply or lock a thread. I'm assuming if this is a feature its not allowed for testing. Looking for a Q/A solution that would allow admins to mark a question in a thread as the correct answer and/or to lock a thread so no more replies can be made. Not seeing anything here that will allow me to do that. I'll have to look around the site, check the FAQ and see if this is possible.

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You have to be a moderator to close a thread. Not sure what you mean by "mark a reply," but you can quote a post by highlighting the text you want then clicking the quote icon.

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